viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2008

Pero otra ve!!!!



Since my mom is currently not working I spoke to my beloved boss (because he is that good) and he "kind of" agreed to replace myself for my mom... the thing is I was not completely honest about the "job offer" I had but...

Its hard for me to live my current job, cause I earn good money, I like the environment and my boss is very nice! but I need to sacrifice myself for my mom... and thats something she has been doing for me her whole its time to do at least this.

I ahd to change my whole schedule of school, and take the classes during the morning... which I dont like because all my classmates are during the afternoon/night shift... so i'll be alone.

I havent speak with my dad about this, he sure wont like the idea of me going to work at night again in San Isidro again... oh yes! its at night and in San Isidro!!! but at least he will be sure I will stay at school which is his most important issue right now.

Anyways... Im not so happy because I had to change my school schedule and because Im back to where I was a few years ago... but I have the feeling this time it will be different... and this change will be for good.

Wish me luck! my training starts on monday! :D

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  1. You'll be all right, the decision you made was for a good reason :P. Wish u the best in your new kob :P

  2. Anónimo4:08 p. m.

    si la mas gringa! TAN GOLDA!

  3. Wao !!

    Sinceramente mai fren , te felicito !

    La razon por lo que hiciste el cambio es una de las cosas que te van a empujar al exito en esta nueva etapa !!!

    Mucha Suerte !!!

  4. Wish u the best my rullia (dont know how to say it in english!!)

    U know we support u, the thing is, when am i going to finally see uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? hahaha

    (vistess yo le pico al pitingli un chin!!)

  5. (I'm guessing you wrote this in English so your mom doesn't know what you're doing, so... I won't give you away)

    Wow, Tilia... :O I admire you and your amazing selflessness.

    Seriously, my jaw dropped as I read it. I have a lot to learn from you.

    God will not let your sacrifice go unnoticed; He will reward you for it.

    Love you! :)

  6. lo unico ke te pido es ke te cuides de los (bleeeeeeep) que puedan haber en Stream... hehehe

  7. well my fren the lord will see your intention because it was for a good reason so i hope in a few months you be back in your life.
    Best Wishes for you

  8. Gueno... las buenas intenciones se pagan en el cielo... ojalá el cielo quede cerca de San Isidro jejeje

    ¿Y en qué coño vas a trabajar?

  9. Que todo sea para bien manita.

  10. Don't worry sweety. What you've done is what I call: "Love". You're retrieving to your mom what you've got from her through all these years.

    I know you'll be fine, and think about this new experience...maybe you could improve your languages skills. :)

    Rememer to Think Positive! It's the only way to see the shiny sun in the middle of a awful storm... Difficult? Maybe, but not impossible!

    I'm here for you, and YES, you can do it! You're strong enough! :P

  11. welcome to Stream Global Services!

    na, i´ll be there for you, you just need to send me an email!

  12. Anónimo11:52 a. m.


    I wish u luck!!!
    like Annyris said God is gonna reward you. Bet it!

    A big hug!!


  13. Diablus estamus gringus.
    Sacrificios como ese no se ven todos los días.