viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

the good - the bad - the ugly


I had 2 interviews... technically I already have a job but I have another much better offer and I need to get the last details so I know which one to choose, eventhough I dont have much time cause there is one that Im supposed to start on monday :P


I got fired from my beloved job at Uvero Alto, why? dont know the exact reason but according to my ex coworker it was due to "diparate" so i will leave it like that.

The day before I got fired, the "owner" of my purse took it away from me... yes i got robbed, i had my 2 cellphones, my wallet, MY MAKEUP!!! :'( (1 minute of silence please) and well so far i dont have any news about it so I guess its just lost in the wind !

My grandma died a few days ago, my mom and the rest of my family its very sad, very down, she fighted death with all she had but her heart was just too harmed and weak and she wasnt able to fight no more, she will still live in our memories as the happy cheerfull person that she was, but the pain is still making tear in our eyes and its very hard to believe that she is gone...


The end of an era has come, and i dont think things will be reborn as they did once. I think it was for our own good eventhought we are unable to see it now. Sometimes u cant just go with the flow u know?

All this rain!!! its awfull!! yes we were complaining about the heat and the hotness and everything but Lord!!! u always over react! U could have send some rain but... all this!?!? please!

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  1. I'm sorry for your granny...I know how sad it is. And also, sorry for your handbag :S how frustrating is to get robbed?!

    I hope you get the best job! and if it is necessary, tirate tres vece de espalda en Guibia!